Our Story

Our Story

Our Vision

We are committed to supporting women and girls in all sports.

Our Mission

Our mission is to reduce the occurrence of breast tissue injuries by providing protective wear for girls who play contact sports.

Our Story

Hi, I’m Cathy Zontos, founder and designer of Footy Girls Protection wear.

I’m married and mum of 3. I have been a rugby league sport trainer since 2008 and counting.

I first started with a local team in the Newcastle comp had a goal of working in an NRL club and after 2 years i was lucky enough to be offered a position with the Newcastle Knights as a sports trainer.

I was there for 6 seasons and loved every minute, i met some of the best NRL,Origin- Australian and International players.

2017 was supposed to be my year off, but not for long, i was asked to help out with the Newcastle Harvey Norman’s women rugby league team…not only was it the game i loved but now a Women’s side! …..I wasn’t about to say no to that offer!

With a team that struggled to get going, they made it to the Grand Final and won it in 2019 ! That led to the Women’s Country rep side and Roosters NRLW.

While working with the girls i noticed that any protection wear they were using was basically meant for men or boys!…..and then had to be cut or modified in some way to make it work for them.

So…after many, many nights searching the internet i realised that there wasn’t anywhere that sold footy protection wear specific for women…so that was my lightbulb moment and with the help of my daughter Lanii, FOOTY GIRLS was born.

At Footy Girls we aim to have as many things for women and girls playing contact sports as we can. Footy Girls is for all contact sports.

I feel so privileged to be able to work with the rep players,Blues girls, NRLW and our very own Australian Jillaroos. They, and all the footy girls have worked and are still working to make women’s sport something for people to sit up an take notice of and we intend to be right there with them every step of the way. Also educating on the importance of Breast Protection.

Don’t ever forget “YOU’RE WORTH PROTECTING”.

Cathy Zontos

What are Footy Girls made of?

We are made of steel.
Made of stone.
And of self dedication.
And of guts and grit.
Of perseverance and sweat.
That paints pride on our Aussie nation.
Made of bruises.
Made of bravery.
Made to tackle equality.
Made of independence.
And of Skill.
Of passion.
Of freedom.
Of heart and of integrity.
Made of a TEAM.
Made of defenders.
Made of GO.
Made of girls that shift the goal.
Made to set the bar high. Then raise it higher.
This is what footy girls are made of.

Footy Girls

PHONE: 0414 714 896
EMAIL: info@footygirls.com.au

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PHONE: 0414 714 896
EMAIL: info@footygirls.com.au

Terms  |  Refund Policy  |  Photography by RubyandLace.com.au
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